Rental Box

Yeah finally I found an easier solution for you to save shipping costs!
Say hello to 'Rental Box'! Now you can buy your favourite products during a
period of 6 weeks. During this time you can go shopping as often as you want and don't have to pay shipping costs ( and I don't have to refund them all the time :P ).
So please choose 'Rentalbox' starting from your first order.

After 6 weeks ( or if you don't want to wait the 6 weeks - I can ship it earlier! ) ,
I'll send you an invoice for the shipping costs. If you get a total amount of 

Germany: starts at 70€
EU: starts at 120,00€
International: starts at 185,00

you don't have to pay any shipping costs.

If there are PreOrder Products, I'll contact you if you want to wait or if I should ship your rental box. But this means, that you have to pay shipping costs for your PreOrder, too!

The prices counting are from the day you ordered the product - so if there are any special events with discounts, the price won't be changed afterwards.